I will Back!

September 02, 2009

sorry guys..dah dua hari tak post apa2..im lil bit busy this lately..
first busy with test and classes..
my mr lappy got lil bit prob..*sigh..
ya,myb laptop need vacation..huhuhu..(laptop mana leh bercuti..hihihi..)
terpaksa tukar hardisk after being "bebel" with my brother at 1.30 am...
nah..now i use miss mia laptop..
she beside me right now..
study german..jap lagi ada test..huhuhu..
sorry dah lama dah x blog walking..(erk?baru dua hari...huhu)
facebook? dah lama x bukak..
lama da tak connect ngan my aunty n six others cousin..
miss them..
and i miss you all to..
a lot ok..diulang a lot ye..
this friday i will go to Morib,selangor..
berbuka seafood..;)
with my old school friend..
i hope i will enjoy da day..
i will back as soon as possible..
see ya in da next entry..;)

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