Me and Love?

August 04, 2009

first time in my blog..
im talking bout my feeling n what i feel rite now..
again i have to face same situation..
sometimes i'm going start to bored when i have to breakup with someone..
only me n him know the true story..

but to me..
i can't accept what he doin to me..
terlalu banyak untuk diceritakan..
the true story why i breakup with him..
only aku sahaja yang tahu..
dan aku lebih senang bercerita mengenainya dengan sahabat2 aku..
entahlah aku rasa kalo cerita kat blog..
akan memalukan dia..
so.. aku prefer untuk cerita dengan sahabat2 aku..

aku tak mungkin akan terima dia kembali selepas apa yang dia lakukan pada aku..
aku da serik..
dan aku menyesal kenal seseorang seperti dia..

and now..
I prefer to be a single..!!:)

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  1. hello mrs cutiepie,
    it's a pretty pic you have on there. i was reading it and there are some i wasnt able to read. i suppose by looking at the pics on the side that you are korean?

  2. owh.. i'm malaysian..
    so some of my writing mix with malay language..
    nope.. i'm not korean.. malaysia. but i like to collect korean picture.. like enakei.. nice to meet you.:)


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