It's Funny!

October 08, 2009

a lot happen today..
miss communication today..(it's means some of the information is misunderstood)
so a little argument happens between us.
everything is OK.

so, what is funny about that?
when i look and think about what happens today..
it make me 'sengih' and laugh..
what i learn today?
jangan terburu2 n thinks first..
so, sayang korang semua..!
sorry for what happens today..

to me..
me and everyone who involve at that situation...
actually is misunderstanding information and situation..
so guys..
forget about what happens today..
lets move on..
but.. i can stop "sengih" what i learn for today..

P/s: words cannot explain my feeling rite now. Only certains people know what happen to me..hahaha..:D

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  1. ehh, takyahlah "forget about wht happends today".. let it flow & let it be...

  2. aku pon arap kpd sesiapa yg terlibat pd ari kjadia agr dapat melupakan apa yg tlh terjadi dan saling memaafkan.time tu smua dlm keadaan mrh.aku da pn maafkan semuanya.aku xske nk msam2 muke.if ada lg yg terselit kat ati,bgtau je k.


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